Electro Bio Magnet Small- 3

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Electro Bio Magnet Small- 3
Electro Bio Magnet Small- 3

Description :

Electro Bio Magnet Small- 3 Bioelectromagnetic therapy (BT) is the application of electromagnetic fields to treat and prevent disease and promote health and longevity. Electromagnetism is a powerful clinical tool, simple to apply yet complex in its biological effects.Electromagnetic force or charge is a fundamental power of the universe. It determines the structure of all atoms and molecules and how they interact. Charge may be positive or negative, attracting or repelling. Since all chemical, biological and molecular interactions are fundamentally electromagnetic, an externally applied EM field might be expected to have profound biological effects at many levels.

Some of the documented effects of electromagnetic fields include accelerated healing, greater cellular energy (increased ATP), vasodilatation/increased blood flow, reduced inflammation and edema, muscle relaxation, cell membrane changes, enhanced movement of calcium, sodium and other ions, bone formation, improved oxygenation, better sleep, lysis of clots, reduction in platelet adhesion, increased fertility, enhanced cognitive ability, improved central and peripheral nerve function, reduced stress and better mood.2

Osteoporosis and Arthritis

BT has proven effective in healing non-union fractures and stimulates the formation of new bone with documented benefits in osteoporosis and arthritis. It may be the best treatment available for strong bones. With correct treatment, significant increases of bone density have been documented in remarkably short periods of time.

Osteoporosis patients frequently suffer from "compression" fractures due to fragile bones. Bioelectromagnetics has been reported to alleviate pain, heal existing fractures and prevent future breaks as normal bone density is restored. Bone density has been documented to increase by 5.1 percent in three months in on