Point Detector with T.N.S.

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Point Detector with T.N.S.
Point Detector with T.N.S.

Description :

POINT DETECTOR & T.N.S. 9912 with sound Acupuncture Electro Stimulator with point detector The MS 9912 Acupuncture Elector Stimulator with point detector has a unique facility to locate the perfect position of a point as per median theory. It also has been designed for clinical use. Which transmits pulsating currents of different frequencies through the elctrodus  to human body.The stimulator with its internal battery is especially suitable for operation in places where the altermating current is not available. The casing of the stimulator is made with sheet metal with a good looking finish and the stimulator is small in size. Light in Weight and easy to carry.


              It is mainly used to detect the perfect position of the point with therapeutic effect in the treatment of pain, paralysis of limbs. Arthritis vomiting and the diseases which can be treated by acupressure.

   Direction for operation:

1.       for alternating Current   :    Use the 9V eliminator then connect power supply of  220V/50HZ.

  1.      For Ponit detection         :    Put the switch on the PD and move the Electrode through     mendian to locate the perfect point. When the electrode touch any point the frequency of the sound will be quicker than the normal position.
  2.      For acupressure therapy:    Connect the electrode by pluggin. Put on the switch to TENS and set the “Intensity Control” knob to minimum position. Start to increase the intensity as per patient’s tolerance.

Range of Frequency       :  0 to 1500 per minute

Pulse amplitude              :  Positive pulse 50V

(Peak value)                      Negative pulse 30V

  1. The intensity of current may be regulate gradually from minimum to intense by turning the relative “Intensity Control”
  2. The pulse amplitude is the pulse voltage value on resistance load of 1 Kilo ohm. One resistance is equivalent to the average resistance value of human skin.
  3. The above technical values are based on the power supply of 9 volts D.C.

Power Supply:

D.C.          9 volts(M6F22 type battery.

A.C.          220 Volts, mains supply, 50 Hz through 9V Eliminator.

Continuous Duty :

4 Hours under operating temperature-10 C to 40 C

Dimensions :

Electrode with sharp head- 1 set

Note-  When the stimulator is not in use of under repair, turn the switch to off position.

  1. Avoid any short-circuit of the needle clamps or the electrode when the switch is turn to ‘On’ position, otherwise consumption will be increased without voltage.
  2. When changing batteries, care must be taken to avoid polarity reversal otherwise the apparatus will be damaged.
  3. If alternating current is used. After operation, pull out the plug from the mains socket in order avoid spoiling the transformers due to overheating.
  4. The therapeutic effect is closely related to the correct selection of “Point” and the experience of the physician.

         पॉइंट  डिटेक्टर और टी.एस.एस. 9912 ध्वनि डिटेक्टर के साथ ध्वनि एक्यूपंक्चर इलेक्ट्रो स्टीम्युलेटर के साथ एमएस 9912 पॉइंट  डिटेक्टर के साथ एक्यूपंक्चर निर्वाचक उत्तेजक यंत्र में मध्य सिद्धांत के अनुसार एक बिंदु की सही स्थिति का पता लगाने के लिए एक अनोखी सुविधा है। यह नैदानिक उपयोग के लिए भी डिजाइन किया गया है। जो मानव शरीर को लिक्टोरोड के माध्यम से विभिन्न आवृत्तियों के धड़कते प्रवाहों को संचारित करता है। अपनी आंतरिक बैटरी वाला उत्तेजक यंत्र उन जगहों पर ऑपरेशन के लिए विशेष रूप से उपयुक्त है जहां परिवर्तनशील वर्तमान उपलब्ध नहीं है। उत्तेजक औजार के आवरण को अच्छी लग रही खत्म के साथ शीट धातु के साथ बनाया जाता है और उत्तेजक तंत्र आकार में छोटा होता है। वजन में हल्की और ले जाने के लिए आसान !