One Point Treatment Pocket Book II-Part

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One Point Treatment Pocket Book II-Part
One Point Treatment Pocket Book II-Part

Description :

One point treatment Pocket Book-II (Hindi+Eng.) Book I on the subject was a step towards simplification of acupressure treatment so that even a beginner could cure simple diseases. A normal acupressure protocol consists of a minimum of around five to six points and can go up to around fifteen points. To be able to apply these protocols require certain amount of expertise. Further, a patient finds many points to be quite irksome. Hence, a need was felt to minimize the number of points as far as possible. 

Considering the necessity of keeping the pocket book series of books small in size, there were restraints on the number of protocols that could be included in Book I. Book II is an expansion of the number of protocols that were included in Book I. Both theses books are the result of author�s empirical research, study and experience based on treatment of thousands of patients with the help of just a single point. The author found that in a very large number of diseases, often a single point suffices to cure the disease. In Part II, the author has compiled a list of 390 diseases that can be treated with one point protocol. This book, along with Book I, is a boon to all acupressure therapists whose job now becomes much simpler. Language:  Hindi/English mixedबिंदु

एक -उपचार अनेक  बुक-2 
इस बुक के अंतर्गत अँधेरे से, सर्दी ज्यादा लगना,हवा से डरना,स्तन में दूध न आना,क्रोध,वाचाघात होना,कमर दर्द,गाल,छाती की समस्या,खांसी आना,सिर दर्द,गले का संक्रमण,लिवर में फोड़ा,गर्दन,रात्रि में पसीना आना,बार-बार जम्भाई आना,आदि से संबंधित रोगो की जानकारी तथा इसके शारीरिक बिन्दुओ के बारे में हमें जानकारी मिलती है !