A Treatise on Advance Part -05

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A Treatise on Advance Part -05
A Treatise on Advance Part -05

Description :

This is the fifth book of the 24-part epical Treatise series of books on acupressure/acupuncture written by the authors. Dr. R. Voll, a German allopathic physician, is known for his path breaking researches in Chinese acupuncture during the mid twentieth century. The western world had hitherto looked upon Chinese acupuncture therapy as an invalidated system and hence unscientific. Dr. Voll, with the help of electrical measuring instruments, demonstrated and validated the scientific base of various Chinese acupuncture points. Dr. Voll not only scientifically validated the existing Chinese acupuncture points, he discovered a large number of new points on the Chinese meridians as well as redefined a number of existing points.. He also discovered nine new meridians of his own. A large number of hitherto considered incurable and very difficult diseases can now be treated with the help of protocols incorporating these new points in various combinations. This book contains a great number of protocols for treatment of such diseases

Language:  Hindi/English mixed

Part   05    Khemka


चैप्टर 1 electro acupuncture according to voll   
चैप्टर 2 electro acupuncture ke sindhant  
चैप्टर 3 fundamentals of electro acupuncture
चैप्टर 4 focus of disturbance in eav
चैप्टर 5 general protocol for the treatment of patient according to eav
चैप्टर 6 list of control measurement point 
चैप्टर 7 list of summation measurement points
चैप्टर 8 list of paetial summation measurement point
चैप्टर 9 list of reference pont
चैप्टर 10 list serous membrane coating point or peritoneum point 
chapter 11 inflammation of organs of head & neck
chapter 12 tonsils
chapter 13. 14. 15.............26.
chapter 27. treatment of allergies
chapter 28 blood 29. 30. 31. 32. 
chapter 33 other treatment protocols( i    -    xxxvii )

Meridian Charts  (i   -    xxv )