ANCS Stick Moxa Warm Acupuncture point

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ANCS Stick Moxa Warm Acupuncture point
ANCS Stick Moxa Warm Acupuncture point

Description :

Function: Moxibustion is made of moxa moxibustion materials produced by Ai heat to stimulate the body surface acupuncture points or specific parts, by stimulating the activities of the gas to adjust the physiological and biochemical function of human disorders, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment of a Chinese medicine health therapy.


Will be one end of the column after the ignition, into (carry moxibustion, fire dragon moxibustion, moxibustion box, moxibustion equipment) can be; in the points smoked moxibustion or burning. Moxibustion, the ignition side of the skin about 3 cm from the skin, the general moxibustion every 10 minutes or so, moxibustion to the skin warm redness, a warm feeling, but not to produce burning and burning skin is appropriate, moxibustion method points Mild moxibustion and bird pecking moxibustion. Can also be used with a variety of moxibustion. Moxibustion parts with moxa oil massage and then moxibustion, the effect is better!
1. drunk, furious, big fright, big fear, overworked, overstuffed, the situation of forbidden moxibustion.
2.Skin allergy should not be moxibustion
Closed, ventilated and dry, prevent dampness.
180 Pcs *Moxa Stick =1  Box